Using Chef Zero with Berkshelf

If you have a single machine that you want to control with Chef (for example, a single home server, or a server that you want to bootstrap to run chef-server for other things), Chef Zero can be a good tool to use. Chef Zero can be used by using the chef-client -z command. This will treat your local working directory like a Chef server, so you’ll want the following directory structure:

Easy ways to add files to LXC containers

When working with LXC containers, you occasionally need to transfer files from the host. If you are just using a normal file system, rooted somewhere like /var/lib/lxc, you can just copy the files in:

Access LXC containers by name from host

In a previous installment we configured systemd-networkd and lxc to play nicely together, along with docker. There was one problem with that setup, which is that the host could not find containers by name. This post addresses that.

Enabling LXC on Archlinux with systemd-networkd

After playing around with docker a lot, I decided that it was time to spend some time with LXC as I tended to treat some of my docker containers like mini VMs anyway, especially when developing. I think a lot of the benefits of docker aren’t actually benefits, and I’ll be writing a follow-up post about that. To that end, I wanted to get LXC up and running.

Upgrading to MiniTest

There are a lot of testing frameworks out there for Rails. A lot of work has been done in the community over the past few years, and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest in testing. Minitest is something that’s fairly old and stable at this point, but it provides a nice, clean, standardized testing interface with enough extensions to support other testing methodologies as well.